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Iris Houghton creates art glass using a method known as 'painting with light'. Most of the work begins with two clear pieces of glass cut to the size and shape of the finished piece. These are then worked on using frits, metals, dichroics and other materials.

Many pieces have a fine art bias due to Iris's fine art background. The pieces are worked on and fused in the studio kiln at temperatures up to 800° Celsius. Iris then reworks them until she is happy with the results, which may involve several firings. In the final stage of the process, the piece is placed over a mould and put back into the kiln to soften and 'slump' into the desired shape.

Personal and commercial glass commissions

Because of the method used, each piece is unique and, whilst no two pieces can possibly be identical, the artist can and does design pieces to complement each other, for instance as part of a dessert set.

In addition to vessels, Houghton designs and creates items of jewellery, wall hangings, paintings and architectural pieces (including window designs).

Houghton is happy to take on commissions for either commercial or domestic applications. Please send an e-mail with your contact details and a rough idea of your requirements and she will contact you to discuss the next stage.

Glass art that is as unique as it beautiful

The pieces on the web site galleries can be purchased from the artist at the price shown if they are not situated witin a gallery. Any pieces that are in a gallery can be purchased directly from the gallery by clicking on the gallery name below the image of each piece. This will take you to the gallery's web site.

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